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Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.


Fads fail, but real fitness is fun and sustainable. We offer both Crossfit and full body workouts for any fitness level that never get boring and always challenge you to improve!


You'll work out at your own pace surrounded by supportive friends and trained coaches. It's a community that makes you look forward to coming to the gym!


Start with our Elements course if you're new to CrossFit or have taken an extended break from training.


Current/experienced CrossFitters that have spent more than 6-months at an affiliate can jump right in with our Test Out process.

Nutrition Coaching

We believe that life is about balance. However, balance looks different to each individual according to his/her goals and each step of the progressive journey. Our team’s knowledge, experience, and dedication will help you realize dramatic transformations through nutrition and workout plans designed for you as an individual.


Don't just take it from us, see what our members have to say

Brandon Stockfis

RFS Member

Great facility! Once you arrive you'll quickly notice the passion the coaches bring, not just to the gym, but to each and every class. Very welcoming atmosphere with all members cheering each other on. Safe Coaching! Clean environment! Great workouts! Highly recommend RFS!

George Templeton

RFS Member

I've been a member since 2013 and it's a gym full of terrific people and professional coaches that will make sure you get a good workout and push yourself without getting injured. And the new space is excellent! Come here and be part of a great community!

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Biggest Myth: I need to get in shape before I start CrossFit!

Let's get FIT together.

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The OnRamp includes 4 one-on-one sessions with a coach PLUS two weeks of regular classes FREE.

Be Fit and Happy

Be amazed at how fast CrossFit works. You'll be fit, healthy, and confident. FAST.


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5410 McIntosh Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233

To be honest, it gets loud in here, so we can’t always answer the phone. But we can text or email.

5410 McIntosh Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233

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5410 McIntosh Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233

© 2018 All rights reserved