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7The TEN Institute and the Body Fat “Get Tanked” Mobile Clinic have teamed up to issue the COMPOSITION CHALLENGE. Here’s 7 Reasons you should care:

7. It’s for athletes who are already “doing it right.”

The challenge is beneficial to anyone, but it’s aimed at those ready to take their training to the next level. It’s for athletes whose strength gains have leveled off and “PR” less frequently.  Clean eating and paleo food plans insure you eat quality food—but the COMPOSITION CHALLENGE will tell you what quantity of good food (focusing on the macronutrient ratio) you need to gain muscle and lose fat.

6. You’ll learn your resting metabolic rate and your average daily expenditure.

When you participate in the GET TANKED Clinic, you get more than the most accurate body fat reading on the market: you’ll learn precisely how many calories your body burns when you’re resting. This number will be the basis for the nutrition plan you will develop with Coach Meredith to achieve your fitness goals.

5. The GET TANKED Clinic will be on site at RFS.

Normally, the closest place you find the results of this test is if you drove to Miami. GET TANKED owner Chris G. is driving to Sarasota and parking at RFS on July 16—ALL DAY—so you can pick a time that is convenient for you to “get tanked.” He will return on September 3 so you can be RE-dunked to see your success.

4. The cost of the Body Composition Challenge is only $100.

For that, you get TWO readings from the tank AND you get a nutrition seminar on July 19, PLUS you get a meal plan personalized to YOUR macro needs so you see the best results in 7 weeks.

3. You’ll learn what macronutrients your body needs to gain muscle and lose fat.

Which means increased performance and new gains. Really, what else do you need? This is THE reason to do it.

2. You may be able to eat more.

It’s true. When Coach Chris Poppa took the test, he realized he had plateaued because he wasn’t giving his body enough fuel for his training.  #goodnews

1. You won’t be alone.

You’ll have the support of other participants and the resources of our coaches. PLUS: if RFS loses the biggest percentage of body fat among all participating gyms, The TEN Institute will come throw a party on site for us!

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Steve Wieder

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