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Get Started at RFS CrossFit!


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Holiday Schedule:

  • Monday, Dec. 22: No Changes
    • BOOTCAMP at 9:30a
    • CrossFit Kids at 4p
    • CrossFit Teens at 5p
  • Tuesday, Dec. 23: No changes
    • BOOTCAMP at 6:30a & 5:30p & 6:30p
    • Real Barbell Club: Focus on Snatch at 7p
  • Wed, Dec. 24: BOOTCAMP at 9:30a & 3-4p | Last WOD at 4p
  • Thurs, Dec. 25: Merry Christmas!
  • Fri, Dec. 26: First WOD at 8a; last WOD at 1p | BOOTCAMP at 9:30a
  • Saturday, Dec. 27: Regular Hours
    • Real Barbell Oly Class at 9a
    • BOOTCAMP at 9a
  • Sunday, Dec. 28: No Changes
    • Ladies’ Barbell Club at 12-1p & 1-2p
  • Monday,  Dec. 29: No Changes
  • Tuesday, Dec 30: No Changes
    • 7p: Real Fitness/Isagenix Nutrition Challenge Info Mtg.
  • Wed, Dec 31: BOOTCAMP at 9:30a & 3-4p | Last WOD at 4p
  • Thurs, Jan 1: First WOD at 8a; last WOD at 1p. BOOTCAMP 11a-Noon

CHILDCARE:  Childcare hours for Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are 9a-Noon.

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Client Success Stories

Michelle Pennie

I was lucky to find Mike, Chris and Tanya at Real Fitness Sarasota during a rough point in my career. I needed an outlet after many stressful days and looked forward to my daily WOD (workout of the day) at 5pm. I knew if I could get through my day, then I could get through Read More »


Steve Wieder

I have been working out at conventional gyms most of my life from bigbox/big name gyms to small individualized gyms and everything in between. The common link with all of them was the “this is the way we’ve always done it” attitude: cardio mixed with free weights and machine training; upper body one day… Read More »

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