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Real Fitness Sarasota

A CrossFit Community

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What’s so special about CrossFit? Why do otherwise sane people become so addicted? Click here to learn more about CrossFit in general and what to expect if you give it a try.

What’s the WOD

What’s the workout today? Click here if that’s all you really want to know.

Barbell Club

Technique improves fitness, speed, and power! RFS Barbell Club gives you programming cycles that deliver fast results.

CrossFit Teens

Click here to learn about member benefits, such as FREE Childcare, and CrossFit Teens.

About Us

Amazing Community. Exceptional Coaches. Incredible Facility.

You’ll never feel intimidated at RFS. We have athletes here of all levels: some brand new; some who have been doing CrossFit for years. We have room for everyone.

CrossFit is more than a workout. It’s a community. Yes, you will get in great shape. That’s what initially attracted each of us to CrossFit. However, we all quickly realized we gained so much more. We met wonderful friends, learned to go to the dark places and struggle through discomfort, and come out on the other side better than before. Believe us when we say it is so much more exciting to see your body do things it couldn’t do before than it is to see the scale drop a few pounds.

CrossFit is about FITNESS. It’s training the body to perform as it’s meant to perform so we can enjoy life more: whether that means picking up our groceries or kids and grandkids without getting hurt or hiking, swimming, biking, paddle boarding or playing sports for fun and adventure.

Our Friends & Partners

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Green Zone Hero

Real Fitness Sarasota is a Green Zone Hero, offering discounts in honor of US Veterans and organizing fundraisers to support our Heroes. Learn more about Green Zone Heroes at
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Evolution Food Co

Locally sourced, hormone-free packaged meal plans delivered right to the gym. Eating a macro-balanced diet has never been easier. Check out our partner: Evolution Food Company
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Cafe Gabbiano

Cafe Gabbiano is located on Siesta Key and offers all RFS Members a 25% discount off the price of their meal. What more do we need to say, except call to make reservations!

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