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On Monday, May 25, workout for a cause! Join thousands of CrossFitters by performing the MURPH WOD, or jump into a home-grown creation of the Brian Bill WOD (thank Coach Mike for this beauty!). You’ll be scrambling up ropes 15x (Please cover your legs!!!), popping off 150 push ups and cursing your coach during 75 loaded squats. We told you it’d be fun!


But we want more than your participation! We want your support! To participate on Memorial Day all you have to do is donate $20 to the Brian Bill Foundation. To get a t-shirt that shows you participated and gives your bragging rights, donate $30. (Stop by the front desk to sign up and get the info.)

But to really make a difference, donate more! (Yes, you can afford it. Give up a meal out and donate what it would have cost. Small sacrifice=big investment.)


The rest of the story ….

The CrossFit community is known for being a tight–knit cult group that comes together to pay honor to fallen heroes and to support the families left behind. (For those new to CrossFit, every HERO WOD you see on the board is a tribute to a fallen serviceman, law enforcement officer, or firefighter.) Huge CrossFit-grown fundraising events strengthen our community and remind us to “Never Forget” those who gave their all. One of the biggest events happens on Memorial Day, when thousands of CrossFitters challenge themselves and each other to push the limits of their physical ability and perform MURPH. Wearing a 20# weight vest and chipping through a 2-mile run, 100 pullups + 200 pushups + 300 squats provides even the most fine-tuned athletes the soul-balancing experience of being humbled.


But beyond the fun and camaraderie of an exercise-induced pheromone release, our HERO WOD fundraisers have a much greater benefit. Here, we can collectively donate to a cause where people and families directly connected to our community benefit from our support.

IMG_5146 This Memorial Day, Real Fitness Sarasota will join hundreds of CrossFit boxes around the globe to raise money in tribute to a fallen hero. This year, our hero is Brian Bill. Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Brian Robert Bill was killed on August 6, 2011, when the Chinook helicopter he and his SEAL teammates were flying was shot down by enemy fire while on a daring night time mission in Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Read the whole story here:

Brian’s dad Scott, a close friend of the Poppas, has turned his grief into a mission to provide soldiers who do make it home a place of respite where they can process some of the horrors of the battlefield before returning to a life of dichotomy back in the States. It’s hard to sync with the peaceful rhythm of suburbia when you know your brothers are fighting for their lives on the other side of the world. It’s a challenge most of us will never know—but one every soldier faces on their return.

Scott Bill provides a tangible solution with the Brian Bill Home. Tucked away in the paradise of the Florida Keys, this home will allow serviceman and their families a respite on their return. Let’s help him make it a reality!!

IMG_5118At NOON, there’s a competitive WOD. Stick around and cheer on the athletes and then stay for the party–we’ll have drink and BBQ (thank you, Greg Hitt!)


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