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This year’s Open was unique with the introduction of the scaled division. This definitely built more camaraderie and excitement, and it also helped people get a better understanding of their overall fitness level. This highlighted strengths … and revealed weaknesses. How do you feel now that it’s over? What did you learn? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Open! Share them on Facebook or email them to

Here are a few comments we’ve heard so far:

When the open was first announced I was set on not participating because I knew I’d be out of town for one of the weeks (seemed like a legit excuse). DiCapua was not ok with this and insisted I sign up because it was only 20 bucks. So … She won and I signed up. I remember Katie Simmerling asking if I was going to do RX for all the WODs and I was like Duh-of course!!!

Then 15.2 came. Damn those C2Bs!! I had to submit a scaled score. That hurt!! But it was still totally fun having my RFS family cheer me on (even for the scaled version)!

15.3 sucked too not having muscle ups. 15.4 I totally surprised myself on the HSPU’s since I never do kipping.

But hands down the WOD I learned the most from was 15.5. Let’s be serious … I’m five foot. Rowing is always against me. While Chris was going over the WOD he said your legs will tell you when it’s time to drop the bar so don’t drop it until then. So, I listened to his wise words of wisdom and pushed through. I’m pretty proud of my 15.5 score (11:03) since I always complain about rowing.

Overall, even though I scaled two WODs,  it was still a great experience. Ashley Wallace

Unbelievably Proud of what we accomplished as an Affiliate on #15.3 Coach Chris

Crossfit Games Open 2015 is behind me. I am thrilled with my final standings (Top 15% in her division) but know what I need to do for next year. A new agenda is upon me. Deb Burrows Taylor

What this year’s CrossFit Open means to me:
At a certain time in this past year I reached the point where I hated CrossFit. My body was tired, my mind was exhausted, and it was easier to step away from the gym then to face the underlying issues. I quit. I was content being a quitter. But then change happened, and I made a re-commitment to myself and my health; mind, body and spirit.

In January, after over six months off, I began working out again with regularity and at the last moment decided to participate in the Open. I am glad I did. My scores aren’t that great, but some great things happened. I did CTB pull-ups this year the right way and didn’t hurt myself, I did my first ever HSPU with nothing under my head. I rediscovered my desire to push the limits and push myself and best of all…I had a hell of a lot of fun doing it. 

There is still some fire in me…just gonna keep pressing forward. Carol Piersoll

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Steve Wieder

I have been working out at conventional gyms most of my life from bigbox/big name gyms to small individualized gyms and everything in between. The common link with all of them was the “this is the way we’ve always done it” attitude: cardio mixed with free weights and machine training; upper body one day… Read More »

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