Ray Jester: Coach

BA in Ministry from Kentucky Christian University,
CrossFit Level 2,
USAW Level 1
ISSA Personal Trainer

When my wife and I and our 6-month-old son moved to Sarasota in 2005, I began looking for a place to study martial arts.  During that time our family grew from 3 to 10 through the birth of our daughter and adoption through the foster care system. I had the makings of my very own kung fu school so everything I learned from sifu, I taught to my kids.  After 8 years of training with him I was trying to figure out how to increase my strength and stamina beyond what my then current workouts had provided.  I tried going to a few different gyms to lift by myself but just couldn’t stick with it.  I saw a FB ad for the 90 day challenge at RFS and was immediately hooked.  I love learning and working hard to develop new skills.

CrossFit has had a huge impact on my coordination. strength, and stamina.  It has helped me start to get control of my nutrition and be more serious about recovery.  I want to share all of that with people.  I look forward to attending class everyday not just for the workouts but for the people that have become my friends though burpees.



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