The Benefits of Competitive Fitness

As we gear up for the FireFit Challenge, coaches at RFS are getting excited to see all the positive results of members training for this spirited competition. Events like these provide an avenue for normal people to push the boundaries of their own capability and discover more about themselves than they previously knew. We “normal people” are not destined to play in the NBA (our physical build dictates that), but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explore the extent of our physical capabilities.

CrossFit is not only addicting but enormously rewarding. In a day and age where many of us hardly know our neighbor, and we shut off the world with headphones, CrossFit provides a chance to experience much-needed community among a group of like-minded individuals. We may have only this one interest in common–but it turns out, it’s more than enough. We work together to push each other past excuses to become the best we can be.

CrossFit Athletes Sarasota

CrossFit is one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve ever come across. We have the chance to stay fit, test our progress, and compete against ourselves and each other. I hope you take advantage of this by signing up for the FireFit Challenge! Competing in local fitness events is a way to embrace this beautiful community of people we are all a part of and it gives us an opportunity to realize our physical capabilities.

CrossFit gives us a way to realize quantifiable improvement in physical pursuits as well as the mental edge we gain from our daily accomplishments. This is a long-term pursuit because our goal is well-roundedness and general preparedness. We are not out to master a specific skill or goal except the goal of being ready for the unknown. Efficiency through movement and unlocking natural movement patterns is the goal. Long-term strength and health is the product.

Whether you’re brand new to RFS or have been with us since we opened, jumping in to the FireFit Challenge is not only an accurate way to test yourself and assess your strengths and weaknesses, but it’s also one of the most fun ways! So, don’t hesitate! Train. Compete. Keep growing. I think we’re on to something.

~Chris Poppa

PS: Did I convince you? Sign up for the FireFit Challenge!



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