The 2017 CrossFit Open at RFS

The CrossFit Open kicks off this week!

This will be our 5th CrossFit Open at RFS, and we look forward to the energy and camaraderie that comes during this season. This year we will do a few things differently, but THIS won’t be different:  we have absolutely zero idea what Dave will throw at us! So, we ask for your patience and flexibility in getting through these 5 weeks smoothly. Please read through this entire blog to get an idea of how we’re going to make sure everyone who signs up gets a JUDGE and a time to complete the workout.  Remember: it is crucial for you to stick with the plan of when we run the Open Workout as a WOD. The Open Workout becomes scheduled into the WEEK of WODs so members don’t miss strength days over the next several weeks.


We will be doing all 5 workouts on Mondays. Regardless if you sign up or not, everyone in the gym will complete the Open workout on Monday. (So, sign up and make your score count.) We will provide judges with TWO CAVEATS:

  • One: We will provide judges ONLY for the athletes who have registered for the CrossFit Open at
  • Two: Judges will be available ONLY on Monday!

We will not facilitate or accommodate athletes who want to complete the Open workout on Friday. We will have no judges available on Friday, and all classes will run as scheduled on Friday and Saturday. That means, these days will likely be difficult days to set up and execute these workouts. Coaches will be present, but their focus will be on running hourly WODs, not on judging or answering questions about the Open workout. Regular classes ALWAYS come first with equipment and the clocks.

Team Format

In the spirit of the games, we’ll have a little internal competition going among the RFS Athletes. Athletes who sign up and submit scores for 17.1 will be selected for one of two RFS teams: Team MERE BEARS or Team CHRIS P. BACON. Depending on the number of athletes on our roster, we will determine the scoring structure for the following 4 weeks. Yes, we will be handpicking our team. No, we will not tell you if you were selected last. This process is TOP SECRET!

Scaled Workouts

There is no such thing as a Scaled Athlete, only scaled workouts. What this means is that you are all in the same category: including Masters. The goal of all athletes is to complete as many RX workouts as possible, knowing that, when scores are calculated for the Open, 1 RX rep is more valuable than a 1,000 scaled reps. IF the first movement is a muscle up, and you can’t do a muscle up, you do the scaled workout because you are unable to score 1 rep. However, if you can do ONE rep of the RX movement, you should complete that rep and enter that score. These workouts are extremely diverse. Because an athlete struggles with one of the moves one week, does not mean that he or she will struggle the following weeks. Push yourself to submit your very best scores and to contribute to your RFS team. The singular goal of the OPEN is to encourage YOU to accomplish feats that you were previously not capable of doing! Expect to amaze yourself and crush some PRs.


  • We’re hosting OPEN release parties on Thursday nights at 8p. As soon as the workout is announced, we’ll set up and run a heat of athletes.
  • SIGN UP at 
  • You must submit your scores on the same website! As an affiliate we can only authenticate your score; we cannot enter it for you.
  • If Monday does not work for you because you recently started an interpretive dance class on Mondays instead of Crossfit, YOU are responsible for finding a judge, NOT US! (Maybe someone from your dance class will help you out.) 



*Open to local residents. Not valid for travelers/drop-ins.

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