Hours & Memberships

Real Fitness Sarasota is a unique CrossFit gyms: we are open seven days a week and run WODs every hour on the hour. At noon and 1 p.m., WODs are run in an open-gym format, which means you can do the WOD on the whiteboard or a different one if you prefer, but no coach will run the class.

Our hours:

  • Monday-Friday 5a-8p.
  • Saturdays: 8a-noon
  • Sundays: 8a-noon (Open Gym)
  • Yoga at 9a-FREE to RFS members.

We have a variety of memberships for those ready to become part of the Real Fitness CrossFit community. We also have three different memberships to the Real Fitness Sarasota Barbell Club, including a Hybrid program, which provides a supplemental barbell program alongside the CrossFit WODs.

STEP #1 – Try CrossFit FREE

Before you buy any of the memberships at Real Fitness Sarasota, you can try CrossFit for free! Every Saturday, RFS runs partner classes where we invite our members to bring their friends in for one free class. This will give you a taste of what to expect in a CrossFit workout; plus, since it’s a partner WOD, you’ll get an understanding of how fun it is to work out in our community. Know someone who comes to RFS? Tell them you want to join them one Saturday so you can try CrossFit FREE.
Saturday classes run at 8a, 9a, 10a, and 11a. We close at noon. Suitable for all fitness levels.

STEP #2 – OnRamp

We don’t want anyone to feel intimidated when they join Real Fitness, so we’ve designed an OnRamp that helps make the transition into regular CrossFit classes easier. This way, you’ll learn the why and how of CrossFit. Plus, you’ll know what the coaches are talking about when they say “hook grip,” “snatch” and “thruster!”

With the CrossFit OnRamp, you receive 4 one-on-one sessions where you learn the nine foundational  movements of CrossFit. Then during a 5th session, you’ll jump into the class with your coach and apply what you’ve learned!  It is a gradual introduction to CrossFit so you can join the group classes feeling confident about the movements and ready to achieve your fitness goals!  Contact us to learn more and get started!

Our On Ramp is a training program that is designed for beginners to become competent and confident in CrossFit movements and fit enough to join a CrossFit class safely.

Option One: OnRamp Only for $160

Option Two: 90- Day Intro for $450:

RFS offers a special price of only $450 for 90-day Memberships, which includes the OnRamp for FREE. 90-day intro price must be paid in full as a one-time payment.

STEP #3 – CrossFit

We offer three memberships, and all of them include two free guest passes per month, FREE childcare, FREE yoga on Sundays, unlimited use of the gym for the hourly workouts or to work on special skills, assistance with mobility movements, nutritional guidance, etc.

12-month-memberships 6mo_memberships  M2M memberships

Real Fitness Sarasota is a Green Zone Hero, and honors all Veterans with a 15% discount on all memberships.

In addition, a 15% discount is available for the following: 

  • Police/Fire/Military/First Responders
  • Corporate/Business (5+ employees from the same business)
  • Spouse/Family

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