About RFS

Welcome to Real Fitness Sarasota, one of the first CrossFit gyms in the Sarasota Bradenton area. At RFS, we have exceptionally trained coaches, an incredible facility and a schedule where we run week day WODs  run every hour on the hour; except during Open Gym from 11a until 3p.  Open Gym means you can do the WOD on the whiteboard or a different one if you prefer, but no coach is there to run the class. Saturday, we run WODs beginning at 9a, with the last WOD at 11. We also have open hours Sunday from 9a-12p.

The Crossfit community at RFS is welcoming–you’ll never feel intimidated that anyone is “better,” stronger, or more fit. We have athletes here of all levels: some brand new; some who have been doing CrossFit for years. We have room for everyone.

Real Fitness Sarasota was one of the first family owned and operated CrossFit gyms in Sarasota. We are all involved in this facility and CrossFit because we are passionate about it.

We love the Gulfcoast, Sarasota area–and we love everything the CrossFit philosophy and the community stands for.  It is not just an exercise program for any one of us, but a way of life and a way of thinking. Yes, you will get in great shape and that is what initially attracted each of us to CrossFit.

We are firm believers that health must come first in order to enjoy all aspects of life well into old age.  However, we all quickly realized there was so much more to be said for what CrossFit brought to our quality of life such as the mental exercise, community involvement, positive reinforcement from our peers and the idea that any goal is truly attainable!!

As trainers, we receive NO satisfaction in yelling at you or making you feel bad about yourself, and no one at Real Fitness Sarasota will coach you in that manner. CrossFit is a program used to reach an elite fitness level, so we encourage you to push past the first wave of discomfort so you can move forward towards your goals.  We believe EVERYONE can benefit from CrossFit and we want to share it with as many people as we possibly can to make a positive impact.

We imagine you’re wondering a few things.

When are you open?


  • Monday-Friday: 5a-8p | WODs run every hour on the hour; except during Open Gym from 11a until 3p. |  Last WOD begins at 7p.
  • Saturday: WODs begin at 9a; last WOD at 11.
  • Sunday: Open gym 9a-12p. Yoga 9:30a.

Can I do it?
YES! We can modified all movements to your fitness level.

Is everyone fit?
Well, some people are crazy fit, yes. But they weren’t always that way. Like you, they had a first day, too. But you would have the wrong impression if you think everyone here is already at the top of their game. We have members here of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels. But there’s one thing they have in common. When the clock says 3-2-1 GO! They give it all they’ve got!

I heard people get hurt from CrossFit.
Listen. You can get hurt walking down the street. You can get by twisting your ankle in cute heels. But, you know what? That actually does hurt you! A sedentary life is horrible for your health. Get moving! Have fun! Learn functional movements so you can meet the daily demands of life–and so you can enjoy living! At CrossFit, we jump, lift, pull, push, throw, run and climb. The body is designed to move this way.

My friend told me you don’t do cardio at CrossFit.
Huh. You should let your friend know there’s some ocean-front property for sale cheap in Arizona.

Will I get bulky?
Sure, if you’d like to get bulky, we can show you how to train to get those results. Most of members actually aren’t going for that look. In fact, they aren’t really going for a certain look at all. That’s one of the nice things about CrossFit–we’re more about performance than appearance.

Of course, after months of working toward our performance goals, our bodies start to change. Muscles appear. The booty gets tight and it lifts a little higher. Ab muscles make an appearance. It’s intoxicating, really. Intoxicating because … well, sure, partly because  it looks good … but the bigger reason is because at this point, we’re doing stuff we never dreamed we could do!!