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500m Row


-High Knee Run: 20m

-Running Butt Kicks: 20m

-Spiderman Crawl: 10m

-Scap Push-ups: x10

-Hollow Engagements: x10

-Hollow Rocks: x10

-Supine Alt. Dead Bug: x10

-Air Squats: x10

-Sprawl: x10

-Mt. Climber: x10/leg


A. Options #1-3

#1 – A. Bearcrawl to Hollow Support: x8

B. Tabletop, Opposite Hand/Foot Support: x8/side

C. Hollow Engagements: x8

D. Hollow Rocks: x20

E. Plank Supports: :60

#2 – A. PVC SA ER: 2x :15/side

B. Banded Pec Stretch: 2x :15/side

C. Bowling Stretch: 2x :15/side

D. Thoracic Opener w/ Roller: 15

E. Roll – Throacic: x15

#3 – A. Banded Straight Arm Lat. Pull-Down to Row: 2x 15

B. SA Ring Sup. to Pro Row: 2x 8/arm

C. Supine, Glute/Ham Bridge Suppot w/ Straight arm Lat. Pull-Down: 2x 15

D. KB SA Bent-Over Row: 2x 8/arm; by feel

B: Bench Press (5x 3; by feel)



A. Roll/Smash Calves: 1:00 each

B. Banded Ankle Distraction: 2x :30/side

1-Mile Run (Time)

ME 1,600m Run
RX+ w/ vest 20/14