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Jog: 600ft

Side Shuffle: 200ft

Back Peddal: 100ft

Walking Quad Stretch: 10m

Lunge to OH Reach: 10m

Lizard Stretch: x:20/side

Spiderman: 10m

Cossack Squat: x10

Lizard Stretch: x:20/side

Jog: 600ft

Whiteboard Notes:

Upcoming Specialty Classes:

-CrossFit Striking with Ray Jester!

Saturday, 20th – 9-10:30am!

-Snatch and C&J Workshop

with Coach Matt!

Saturday, 27th – 9-11am!

6 Week Body Composition/Weightloss Challenge!

-BodyFat Tank Trunk – Monday 29th!

Winner gets 15% off Month

Membership + 1hr Personal

Training session with a Coach

of your choice!


A: Front Squat (3RM)

-15% 1x AMRAP


B. Heavy Sled Push: 5x 10m; AHAP!

Metcon (Time)

800m Run

40 Lunges

10m Sled Push (400/305)

600m Run

60 Lunges

30m Sled Push

400m Run

80 Lunges

50m Sled Push
RX+ w/ Vest (20/14)